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The Division of Cardiovascular Sciences (DCVS) is recruiting for a new position in the area of the prevention and treatment of adult obesity.  DCVS supports basic, clinical, population, and health services research on the causes, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.  DCVS fosters research in disease areas such as atherothrombosis, heart attack and heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, adult and pediatric congenital heart disease, cardiovascular complications of diabetes and obesity, and other cardiovascular disorders.

The position will be located in the Clinical Applications and Prevention branch (CAPB). CAPB supports, conducts, and initiates population-, community-, and clinic-based research on the causes, prevention, and clinical care of cardiovascular diseases. Examples of programs we support include the Early Adult Reduction of weight through Lifestyle Intervention (EARLY) trials (, Healthy Communities Study (HCS) ( ),  Obesity Related Behavioral Intervention Trials (ORBIT), other obesity related studies ( , HMO-based nationwide Cardiovascular Research Network (CVRN) and Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (

Our research areas include (but are not limited to) are obesity, physical activity, behavior-oriented trials, health services research, and cardiovascular risk prevention through the lifespan. We seek doctoral level scientists with expertise and strong interest in  1) in the prevention and treatment of adult obesity,  and  2) individual behavioral and  community based approaches to primary or secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Relevant fields of doctoral level training include but are not limited to psychology, nutrition, genetics, health communications, and economics.  The incumbents will advise and participate in the initiation, and management, of research projects, including multi-center clinical trials and other interventional and observational studies of the prevention and treatment  of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, including behavioral/lifestyle factors (particularly related to obesity), nutritional factors and  health services/outcomes research. We seek individuals who can provide scientific conceptual leadership for research that has excellent potential for advancing knowledge on the treatment and prevention of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, serve as a consultant for clinical, community, and population-based  studies or trials, and participate in planning and evaluation of Institute-initiated and investigator –initiated programs.  We especially urge persons who meet the above description to apply if they also have: (a) research interests relevant to the health of minority and underserved populations, (b) the ability to communicate effectively with basic and clinical scientists from a variety of disciplines and with a sophisticated lay audience, (c) ability to synthesize new information and develop a broad vision of research that will advance disease prevention and treatment efforts.  Scientists in this Division have an opportunity to develop collaborative relationships with other Institutes of the National Institutes of Health, other government agencies, private foundations, industry, and universities. Successful applicants will be expected to collaborate with interdisciplinary research teams involving multisite observational studies or clinical trials.  If you are interested please contact Dr. Lawrence J. Fine at or Dr. Peter Kaufmann at

Posted Date: 08/07/2013


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