Obesity Health Disparities (OHD)

University of Mississippi
Medical Center
Jackson, Mississippi

Summer Institute Dates:
Cohort 5 (Returning)
July 16 – 21, 2017
Cohort 5
July 9 – 19, 2017


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Principal Investigators:
Bettina M. Beech, DrPH, MPH
Keith C. Norris, MD, PhD

Program Manager:
Gina Hamilton, MA

Program Overview:

Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE is an evidence-based, culturally- and environmentally-relevant research training and mentoring program. Early career faculty and transitioning postdoctoral fellows from underrepresented backgrounds who are graduates of, or are currently employed at, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are eligible to apply.

A distinguished group of mentors and instructors (many of whom are from underrepresented backgrounds) have been assembled to provide skills training and mentoring to help participants develop programs of research that develop and evaluate community-based interventions to address obesity disparities.

Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), an institute within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). NIH encourages institutions to diversify their faculty populations to enhance the participation of individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and women at senior faculty levels. See NIH Notice: NOT-OD-15-053.

Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE is a two-year training program that consists of four phases.

  • The initial phase of Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE is an intensive 10-day face-to-face program composed of “advanced and refresher mini courses” in obesity research, data collection, data analysis, intervention development, and research methods as well as skill-enhancement sessions including scientific writing, journal publishing, grant application preparation, and the responsible conduct of research.
  • Phase II – Learning Communities: During this phase of Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE, participants will be part of online learning communities that reinforce lessons from the summer institute and provide support for the development and submission of scientific manuscripts and research grant applications.
  • Phase III – Summer Session II: This phase of Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE will be held in conjunction with a national research conference where participants will make formal presentation summarizing the research conducted during the research training period and attend advanced workshops on scientific writing, journal publishing, grant preparation, and mock study sections.
  • Phase IV – The Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE Alumni Network: Participants who complete the Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE program will automatically become member of a professional network that will host quarterly seminars covering topics associated with career advancement; be a conduit of research opportunities; and be a source of peer-mentoring and social support.

Application Criteria:

Eight (8) research-oriented HBCU faculty from underrepresented backgrounds will be accepted annually into the Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE program through a competitive review process. To be eligible to participate in the program you must be:

  • A research-oriented early career faculty member or a transitioning postdoctoral fellow or an early-career faculty member with a discernible interest in obesity research
  • A graduate of, or a faculty member at, an HBCU
  • An individual with a background that is underrepresented in the biomedical, clinical, behavioral or social sciences (see NIH Notice: NOT-OD-15-053)
  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident status at the time of application

Application Process:

  • The application process for the Obesity Health Disparities PRIDE Program will be managed through the Coordination Core of the NHLBI-sponsored PRIDE programs.
  • Eligible applicants will have to complete and submit a PRIDE Pre-Application Form through the PRIDE Coordination Core website.


PRIDE Coordination Core
Washington University in St. Louis
Division of Biostatistics
660 South Euclid Avenue, Box 8067
St. Louis, MO 63110

Email: PRIDECC@wubios.wustl.edu





Initiated and Funded by grant from the
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